Premium Support

Get more of a good thing—bolster your Insight product implementation with support that goes beyond the standard.

Perks of Going Premium

As your security program grows in size and complexity, you may find you need additional support. With Premium Support, you get all the benefits of Standard Support, plus:

Elevated Expertise
With Premium Support, all of your cases are routed to our most experienced support engineers. These folks have the most expertise and training to help you with your Rapid7 products–inside and out.

Prioritized Responses
With Premium Support, your tickets go into our high priority queue. The team in charge of that queue is committed to delivering faster initial responses, accelerated triaging, and shorter time to resolution. Bottom line—you get peace of mind knowing each case is handled with urgency.

Proactive Collaboration
Meet with a senior support engineer 2x a year to discuss open tickets and best practices, and get answers to your how-to questions.

Thinking of Going Premium?

Talk with an expert today to learn how our tailored support options can add value to your Insight product investment.

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Support Services at Rapid7

  Standard Support Premium Support TAM Services
Service Level Objectives
  2 hrs (24/7)
First Response SLO - Sev 1
90 min (24/7)
90 min (24/7)
  4 hrs / 12hrs. (8x5)
First Response SLO - Sev 2, Sev 3, Sev4
90 min/6hrs (8x5)
90 min (8x5)
Support Services
Access to Customer Success Center (incl. Knowledge base)
Video-based Troubleshooting
Direct Call Scheduling with Support Engineers
High Priority Queue
Proactive Account Services
Direct Access to Senior Support Resource
Case Review Cadence

Support FAQs

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