The Boston Bruins® command their attack surface. (And it’s bigger than you think.)

Some of the toughest guys in the NHL turn to us for cybersecurity. And not just for players and team ops, but for the legendary TD Garden venue as well. Rapid7 helps defend that attack surface, and other Delaware North venues from Wembley Stadium to Lambeau Field to the Kennedy Space Center. We’re proud to be the Boston Bruins® jersey patch partner and the Official Cybersecurity Partner of both the Boston Bruins® and TD Garden.

Ray Bourque is a two-way player that changed the game. So are we.

The Boston Bruins® could count on #77 Captain and NHL Hall of Famer to excel at both offense and defense. He knew how to protect his goal, his team — and then suddenly change the course of a game with an inspired offensive move. Ray holds records for most career goals, assists, and points by a defensemen, and is considered one of the greatest of all time. Our kind of guy. He’s even got an extra 7.

The puck stops here: let’s create the world we want to live in.

Our partnership with the Boston Bruins'® is an extension of our values. We’ve hosted two Women in Sports Panel & Networking Events, and two STEM Days for students in grades 1-8. STEM Days include Rapid7 volunteers and provide kids with hands-on learning experiences that make math and science come alive. It’s fantastic to see them discover geometry, force, friction, and kinetic energy, and the physics of a slapshot at the Bruins’ official practice facility.

Rapid7 volunteers and community partners have also been busy making a difference in Boston, raising over $60,000 for local missions that align with our values. We’ve supported organizations that break down barriers for Black and Latinx professionals in tech, that empower girls and young women through sports and physical activities, and another that provides free lodging for families of service members receiving medical care in Boston’s renowned hospitals.

Partners On and Off the Ice

Look up at a Bruins game (or any TD Garden event) and you’ll see the “Rapid7 Rafters.” It’s a high-energy, membership-based social club on the top floor of TD Garden with premium seating. To become a member or to learn more, please visit Rapid7 Rafters.